Thursday, February 12, 2009

When I look back over my life

When I look back over my life, and think things over, I can truly say that I've been blessed and I have a testimony.
This photo was taken SuperBowl Sunday. I was spending the afternoon with my Church family, they are a beautiful group of people. One of the people took this photo for my husband and sent it over to him..I have an amazing Church family. I wish that everyone could experience the love that they shower on me. And I tell you our Pastor and First Lady are the best. I don't know what I would do without them. If you ever get to Riverside California, visit Cross Word Christian Church.
This style was a fresh wetset on my locks. I don't use alot of product of my locks. I spritz with water and lavender oil when I set my lock, and that is all I use. My curls usually last about two week at a time as long as I use a satin sleep cap. The locks are coming along nicely, and I love them more everyday.


LadyButterfly said...

The love of God is such a beautiful experience and a cherishable gift. Shining for Him and sharing His love is such an excellent opportunity to reach out to everyone that needs the Love of God. Lady Locs I must say that the joy of the Lord truly shines through your blog. Your sisterlocks look wonderful as usual. I was just wondering do you use anything on your hair, because it looks great? Have you seen the new freshwater sprays that are advertised on the Sisterlock website?
Lady B