Saturday, November 29, 2008

Have you lost your mind!!! Beauty Supply Store!

Yep, I went to the beauty supply store today. I looked at the gels, dyes, hair, glue and such. I studied a box of "natural relaxer" A perm by any other name is still a lye.

And then something caught my eye, my interest was peeked as I walked toward the display. My hands started to tremble and I could feel the vien on my forehead began to pulse. Such a beautiful display I just had to reach out and pick up the object. I knew that if I touched it I would lose all self control, but I could not contain my self. Ever so gently I picked up my first sparkling barrette.

I have died and gone to jewel heaven. I will upload photos of my new beauties after I take the pcitures.

So, beauty supply stores are still good for some things.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who's Naked

My nails are naked.

Today as I ran my fingers through my locs to seperate them, one got caught on a acrylic nail.

I was not at all happy in fact I was very frustrated. Now you ladies know how those acrylic nails do, we wait to long to get a fill and then there is a space between our natural nail and the fake nail.

So I sat in my office and removed all of the fake nails, filed them down and applied a clear coat of polish. I guess this is a result of having locs and wanting to protect my precious babies.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are those braids?

I had my first question about my locs today. As I was walking into a meeting a guy asked me, "how did you get those tiny braids in your hair?"

These are Sisterlocks, I replied

He said, If you take them out I bet you would have a huge afro,

I said, These are permanent, I don't plan to ever take them out

He said, Wow, permenant, never take them out, wow!

I was not offended by his curosity, I am sure that he is wondering how I can call them locs since they are so small. It will be interesting to see what comments he will have in the future.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov 24, 2008
This is my first experience with blogging. I hope that as I chronicle my journey it will encourage someone else to step out on faith and move toward a life a full freedom with natural hair.

I started this journey in 2006, I was wearing a weave at the time and I could not find my stylist. Because of my frustration I sat down with my Mother and we cut the weave out. Needless to say we cut my hair down to the scalp in some areas. This experience made me angry. Angry that I was co-dependent upon someone else to make my hair look good. Angry that I was caught in a vicious cycle of perm, weave, press. Angry because the edges of my head looked like someone had used a bad razor to shave my head.

So I took my anger and put it to constructive use. I stopped the cycle of dependence and I began taking care of my hair. For 2 years I let my natural beauty shine through and on Nov 18, 2008 I began to loc.

I am including some pictures of stages that lead me to where I am in life now.

1998, no extensions, no weave, just blue black hair