Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rub a Dub, I got to Scrub

Thank you Lord, my consultant let me do a wash today! I braid and banded my hair and I went at my scalp with the pads of my finfertips. Once I was satisfied scalp was clean, I saturated my braids and squeezed the shampoo through. It was such a simple pleasure and it gave me such joy. I can not tell you how hard it was for me to go without hair washing for a couple of weeks. But now my hair is clean and smelling like roses.

You see I have a disease called "HTB" HEAD TILT BACK. Every time I step in the shower my head would tilt back for water. LOL. I love to wet my head in the mornings. If you have recently had your Sisterlocs installed, please follow the directions of your consultant, she/he is the one who took the training class and is best suited to tell you how to care for your hair.


LadyButterfly said...

Your locs are very pretty. Did you start out with all natural hair or do you still have a little relaxer left? Also, thanks for becoming my first follower. I am honored!
Lady Butterfly

Lady Locs said...

@ LadyButterfly, I have been 100% natural for two year. But the Sisterlocks website says they can be started while you have perm on the ends. I will continue to follow your blog becuase I love to see our Sistas embrace their natural beauty.